Blandon Family Veterinary Practice is a small animal veterinary hospital that works on common and exotic pet species, open since November of 2012.  High quality, advanced medical and surgical care are an integral part of who we are.  Compassionate, attentive, thorough care for your pets is also an implicit part of who we are.  With our quality and compassion understood, our foremost goal at Blandon Family Veterinary Practice is to create an atmosphere of a “family practice”.  This is the mission and vision behind why we have chosen the name Blandon Family Veterinary Practice. For you, our client, our utmost goal is to be everything you would expect and want from your own personal family physician, and to exceed that expectation!

Below are some of the features and capabilities of our hospital:

Our CO2 surgical laser enables Dr. Estelle to make incisions without a traditional scalpel.  The biggest benefits of this method are increased postoperative comfort and greatly decreased bleeding during surgery.  Patients wake up with wounds that are numb! This is most notably appreciated for cat declaw procedures; making it the best way for you to have this common, yet painful procedure done for your kitty loved one.

Our advanced digital x-ray equipment enables us to get better quality images, in less time, with less radiation exposure to your pet and to our staff.  You’ll enjoy that we can quickly bring your pet’s x-rays up on the screens in the exam rooms and zoom in to the problem spots so you can easily see and understand the concerns the doctor is trying to explain to you.  You’ll also enjoy that you won’t have to lug around bulky, fragile films to a referral doctor, should your pet need a referral.  You could just take a CD along, or have us email the images instead!

Dental disease is painful and dangerous to overall health.  Teeth are like icebergs in that much of a tooth exists under the gumline where you cannot see the serious problems that may exist.  Digital dental x-ray equipment is the best way to detect these lurking problems.  Without dental x-rays performed at a dental cleaning, staggering amounts of oral disease is either missed, or misdiagnosed.  Our high quality, modern digital dental x-ray equipment allows us to make your furry family member more comfortable, and more healthy.

Part of our commitment to a personable, family-practice atmosphere is a commitment to half-hour appointments.  We aren’t trying to cram as many appointments into a day as possible to bolster the bottom line.  We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time with us, get to know us, and not feel pushed through the system.

You’ll find these fun little pigtail shaped hooks around the practice.  By slipping the handle of your furry family member’s leash over them you can go “hands-free” and relax.  You’ll appreciate that when you’re trying to write a check, or when your exuberant golden retriever wants to leap over to say hello to anything that moves.

A simple concept that may seem like a comfort luxury.  Yet your pet’s health, wellbeing, and even their life can be at stake due to cold floors.  Anesthetized patients lack the ability to regulate their body temperature.  Life threatening hypothermia can happen in these circumstances, if not just dangerous immune suppression due to extra time spent below a healthy body temperature.  Some facilities let pets wake up from anesthesia right on a cold floor!  Even if they start off on a blanket, they might just scoot themselves off their blankets during the recovery process.  Having heated floors in our runs helps your dog to avoid these dangerous scenarios.

They aren’t just for looks.  Instead of traditional metal grate run doors we have glass doors.  Don’t worry, they’re not going to break when your 200lb Rottweiler jumps up on them.  The glass door helps your pet feel more comfortable and less confined.  They also allow for better hygienic cleanup so one sick patient doesn’t share its problem with the next one that uses the run.  Scary stuff, when you think about it.

Our highly advanced patient vital signs monitor enables us to both monitor many important parameters (like EKG and blood pressure) during your anesthetized furry loved one’s procedures, and it also allows us to watch their vital signs when we’re not even with them!  It can interact with our facility’s wireless computer system, allowing us to view their parameters from other rooms.  Your own doctors and nurses utilize such systems to watch your vital signs from their stations without disturbing you in your hospital bed.  Should your pet’s health needs be that dangerous, we can provide such care as well.

In our modern society why would you not go paperless!  Paper records are bulky and clumsy.  Let alone it isn’t “green” to waste so much resources as all the paper wasted in traditional record keeping.  We’ll never waste your time looking for lost records because they’re all right in front of us on the computer!  A paperless record system allows us to make your visit more efficient and enjoyable.  The time behind the scenes spent frantically writing up records and charges is time we can relax and get to know you and have an enjoyable time together at your visit!  We can quickly and easily scan your pets past records into our system, or send them over to a referral doctor when that is needed.  There are countless other fun, time saving, efficiency topics we could describe about paperless versus dinosaur paper record systems, but we need say no more.

Our centralized oxygen system enables us to easily reach your pet with lifesaving oxygen therapy anywhere they are located in our treatment and ward areas.  Seconds can count in such times.  We have the equipment to put multiple pets on oxygen therapy, important for days when numerous pets with such dangerous conditions are at our facility.

Our chairs in the waiting area and examination rooms may at first look strange!  Dr. Estelle imported these from England to fulfill a dream he’s had for years.  All too often a patient may scurry under the seating, twisting and entangling their leash as they hide.  Or, they may be getting poised to strike out at the unlucky team member or even the owner who goes to extract them from their hiding spot!  The flip up seats help us to safely pick up your pet for their examination.  It also helps us avoid the comically awkward scenario of us crawling around between your legs in the process!  Lastly, they provide a great way to keep our facility hygienic by allowing us to easily disinfect under the seating.