Senior Wellness Program

Mogwai as a senior

At Blandon Family Veterinary Practice, we strive to be everything you would expect from your own family physician, and to exceed those expectations.   Don’t we all feel that people senior citizens deserve the respect and benefit of customary senior citizen’s discounts?  Therefore our effort to “exceed those expectations” for your senior citizen pets will be to give them a real senior discount too!

We’re launching a new senior wellness program here in the month of May!  Doctor Estelle has carefully reviewed every patient’s records to see who should qualify as a pet senior citizen based on their breed and age.  (For example, a 9 year old Rottweiler would much more likely be called a senior than a 9 year old Chihuahua that might be expected to live well above 15 years age.)

What we’d like to emphasize is the fact that pets age so much faster than we do.  Yet, if we can catch many geriatric conditions in their earlier stages, we can help decrease their pain, discomfort, and suffering, and possibly increase their lifespan simply by having the doctor examine them more frequently in their latter years.  The classic “dog to human years” calculation is really a faithful example.  So, pretend one dog year is like seven human years.  How nervous would your family physician be if they only got to see you or your senior family members once every seven years… in one of the most tumultuous periods of life!?  We feel that an examination every six months is much more appropriate to the needs of senior pets.

If Doctor Estelle feels your pet is a senior pet, it is eligible for the discount.  If you endeavor to have this pet examined every six months in their latter years, then their customary “senior visit” physical examination will be $39 instead of the usual $51 yearly examination fee for younger pets.  We want to give these seniors a break by giving them a senior citizen discount of about 24% off these recommended routine examinations.  That’s a savings of $24 a year on pet care!

As a special promotion, if you schedule your pet’s first examination as a senior pet during the month of May, then we will give them an additional $9 off their senior physical examination.  If they were due anyway for a physical examination at this time, then that is a savings of $21 right now!  So please call, and let’s get your senior pet on the road to safer, healthier, more comfortable senior living.  Thanks!

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