Dental Health Season

Blandon Family Veterinary Practice is setting the months of February and March to be their “Dental Health Season”.  The topic of a dental health month is a familiar one with most veterinary facilities.  Here at BFVP, we are enormous advocates for the topic of dental health… so much so that we want to offer you the opportunity for discounted dental care for a longer time.

Poor dental health is a matter that affects almost every pet we see.  Periodontal disease and other dental problems are painful!  Pets are so good at hiding pain of all sorts that you cannot suppose they’re doing fine because they’re not moaning or crying like we do when our mouth hurts.  Unlike us, they cannot call out of work and go to the dentist.  They’ve got deep seated instincts not to show pain.  Their wild counterparts, if they show pain, will be picked on by their comrades, killed and eaten by predators, or just waste away and die if their mouth hurts too much for them to eat properly.

Hundreds of times over we’ll have pet owners remark to us that their pet is more like a puppy or kitten after their dental procedures were done!  That’s because dental problems hurt, and their owner didn’t realize how much so until we did the procedure.  Studies also clearly show that pets with good dental health live longer!

Dr. Estelle is well trained and well experienced in veterinary dental techniques for pets.  His own father and brother are dentists for people!   Dr. Estelle’s passion for proper pet dental care has lead him to take specialized training seminars on pet dental care.  At BFVP we have a dental x-ray machine and high quality digital equipment to evaluate your pet’s oral health.   With these tools we can catch disease that might not be evident on the surface, yet still hurting your pet and affecting their health.

As our promotion for Dental Health Season, we are offering your pet free dental x-ray evaluation if their dental procedure is completed in the months of February or March!  Please call us to learn more.  Since dentals are done under anesthesia, we will require that your pet has had a recent physical examination with us, and up-to-date bloodwork to evaluate their safety for the procedure.

Let us take care of your pet’s dental health.  They will thank you for it!

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